Fermenting Flour

I started a new sourdough tonight. My last sourdough did not survived the long, hot drive from Vegas to Wisconsin in August. For me , sourdough is like a pet, albeit, a productive, delicious one.  You feed it, it grows, and feeds you in return. Best pet ever, honestly.

I caught my first sourdough back in 2007, when my New Year’s resolution was to bake all of my own bread for a year. Michael Pollan’s description of catching wild yeasts in a bowl of flour and water in the Omnivore’s dilemma really captured my imagination, and I caught my own, with a mixture of unbleached flour and water sitting on my counter. In addition to catching many yeasts out of the air, they also wait on the surface of the flour, for me to provide the perfect environment for them to grow and flourish.  Continue reading